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The main mission of the digital platform Saber Fazer is to present the Portuguese arts and crafts, in an integrated and dynamic way, information of the Portuguese arts and crafts through those who preserve knowledge, maintain a relationship with the territory and natural landscape, placing them in the uses of the current world.


  • Map craft production in the Portuguese territory;
  • Gather and provide information and documentation in an integrated manner;
  • Update the image and representation of arts and crafts;
  • Promote craft production as a contemporary activity;
  • Create a reference space for Portuguese arts and crafts;
  • Make craft products and services more accessible;
  • Promote knowledge sharing;
  • Promote the sharing of experiences and opportunities for informal learning of the craft techniques;
  • Value the social, cultural and economic dimensions of arts and crafts.
©DGARTES/Estúdio Peso/2022

This platform results from the implementation of one of the lines of action of the Saber Fazer Program, approved by Ministerial Resolution n.º 89/2020, of October 23nd, consisting in a tool that will reflect the work of collecting, organizing, producing and making knowledge available on craft practices, local agents and their raw materials, underlining their relevance as tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The Saber Fazer Program contains the national strategy for traditional arts and crafts for the years 2021 - 2025 and results from the recognition of the importance that the craft production sector can play in contemporary society, creating products and services that make sense in our daily lives, with economic viability, environmental benefits and heritage value.

This Program is financed through Investment “RE-C04-i02 – Cultural Heritage” of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and consists on the implementation of the measure “C04-i02-m03 – Implementation of the Saber Fazer Program".



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